Casino games: The general manual

. Blackjack

One of the super popular card games, blackjack is played versus the house with the aim to receive the cards worth higher than those of the dealer without crossing the limit of 21 points. It can be played for real money at online platforms in different variations. Should you decide to try blackjack, you need to master the principles for every one of them, as it permits you to lower house edge and play with best available odds. Blackjack is one of the few casino games where a player's choice and skill actually matter.

. Slots

Perhaps the most popular among all, innovative video slots are just amazing. The concept of the game is more than easy – press the button, look at the reels rolling, match a winning combination and take the huge payment. If you consider other things such as powerful animation, great graphics and valuable bonuses you will certainly have a great time.

. Roulette

The game is named devil’s wheel, and it is one of the classic gambling games. It is played live and online all over the globe in different variations – European, American and French. It was developed by Blaise Pascal in the 17 century and made its way into virtually every casino since that time. The key point of the roulette is the house edge which stays the same independent of your activity.

. Video Poker
Video Poker

Among various types of casino games, poker is the most complex one, hands down. You can play it versus the house or other players. Some types as Texas Holdˈem are popular in card rooms where gamblers struggle against each other. On the other hand, Caribbean Stud and Casino Holdˈem provide the best casino experience when playing against the house.

. Baccarat

Most famous among Asian punters, baccarat is a straightforward card game which allows you to make a bet and watch the round unfold, with no way to affect the outcome. It is up to you to place bets on one or two hands, banker or player. As soon as the bets are determined, the dealer will distribute the cards and payments. Baccarat is especially popular for high stakes gamers who prefer its easiness and big stakes.

. Craps

For a long time now, a pair of dice used to be the leading betting tool. Craps and Sic Bo represent the most popular dice games playable online. Both of them are easy, and gamblers only predict the result of the upcoming dice roll. Both chances offer entertainment and activity which is unfamiliar to other casino forms.

The world of casino games is enormous, with various titles occupying the lobbies of leading betting platforms and new ones emerging all the time. With so many possibilities, it is sometimes difficult to choose the game you want to play. We are here to get you acquainted with the various games so that you could select the correct one for yourself, the one with the gameplay most suitable to your playing style. Here's a brief manual to the rules of the most popular types of casino games.