Sbobet - working mirror for today

In connection with the tightening of sanctions by Roskomnadzor in relation to gaming establishments, the administration of the resource has provided many ways to bypass the blocking. If you do not go to the official site, you can use the following methods:

  • TOR Browser - a program with a built-in VPN;
  • Mirrors - special duplicates (clones) of the main resource;
  • A plugin is an add-on adapted for all modern browsers.
  • Experienced gamblers prefer to use mirrors if the official site is blocked. Duplicates are practically no different from the original resource, they have a similar interface and functionality.

Double addresses can be found in letters from the Sbobet club. The service administration regularly updates the list of active mirrors, after which it sends links to customers by e-mail. Please note that often messages from the service mistakenly end up in the Spam folder. You can immediately add the club to the list of exceptions so that this situation does not arise in the future.